Saturday, February 13, 2021

Saturday 2/13/21 Gaviiformes on WMWM Salem 91.7 FM Thames Valley Radio Dalia Davis, Rob Benson, Pamela Ruby Russell

Checked Good Music Radio up to 3:40 pm 2/13/21

Thames Valley Radio  3:40 pm 2/13/21 

Many More Posted on Joe Viglione's Twitter

1:16 pm or so 2/13/21 #February2021 "The Weather" from Gaviiformes @Gaviiformesband on @Spotify @AppleMusic @DistroKid iTunes, Amazon, Deezer #SaturdayMotivation @iTunes @Deezer @amazonmusic #popmusic #Velvetunderground #REM #ThamesValleyRadio Thank You  

Thank you #ThamesValleyRadio I Love New York @JackPhillipsNYC @ILoveNewYorkJP on Spotify @spotifycharts @spotifypodcasts @Spotify from Night and Day   Feb 13, 2021 about noon on Saturday

Citadel - great song; @jim_knable on Spotify @spotifypodcasts @Spotify @spotifycharts  

11 pm Feb 12, 2021 The Weather Thank you #ThamesValleyRadio @Gaviiformesband Deezer, Amazon, iTunes, @Spotify @AppleMusic @ApplePodcasts @spotifyartists @SpotifyUSA @SpotifyCares @DistroKid @Deezer
Thanks Thames Valley Radio 2:42 pm Feb 13, 2021 #Kind @mysticbowie @KBRITZofficial @RobFraboni on Spotify @spotify_data @spotifypodcasts @Spotify @spotifycharts @spotifyartists @SpotifyUSA @SpotifyCares  

Power of One @DaliaDavisMusic 6:15 pm Boston time #SaturdayMotivation 2/13/21 on Spotify #ThePowerofOne Actually, “Keep A Clean Engine” took over five years to record. @spotifypodcasts @Spotify @spotify_data @spotifycharts #Pop

Friday, February 12, 2021

Can't Wait to See You Smile - Joe Viglione from the CD album Love Songs ...

Airplay Feb 12, 2021 THE WEATHER by GAVIIFORMES IN RELEASE FRIDAY 2/12/21 Andrae Carter on Indie Promo Music / K Britz and Pamela Ruby Russell on #Thames Valley Radio, Dalia Davis on Cator Web Radio

 2/12/21 The Weather drops on all platforms @Spotify @Gaviiformesband @spotifypodcasts #Amazon #Deezer @Deezer @amazonmusic Distrokid @DistroKid @youtubemusic Amazon Deezer Spotify

Working hard to promote your music Thanks #Tiorr2 @WhiteLightArts @JackPhillipsNYC @phillydmusic @Slapbackband @MarkRockower @gregpaquette5 @jim_knable @dbhughes89 @RobBenson1102 @PeterCalo1 @KBRITZofficial @RobFraboni @heidijohines #2 in re-tweeting JV, working hard for you! 

Tuesday, February 09, 2021

February 9, 2021 Tuesday Airplay for Joe Viglione Media / The Publicity Machine Dalia Davis, Mark Rockower,

 10:28 am or so #tuesdaymotivations Feb 9, 2021 @DaliaDavisMusic #MyBackPages @RogerMcGuinn @bobdylan @RadioRaccoon @Carly501 @CarlySimonHQ Hear this Marvelous Rendition here: @mvyradio #BobDylan #TheByrds #RogerMcGuinn #Gospel #pop   


Greg Paquette @gregpaquette5 about 6:55 pm Feb 9, 2021 Tuesday Mark Skin Radio The song Members Only Thanks #MarianFerro

Monday, February 08, 2021

Monday Airplay Feb 8, 2021



3 pm Monday Feb 8, 2021 #MondayMotivation It's a Band, It's a Bird, It's #Gaviiformes @Gaviiformesband @karmacarband @KitotoLove The Weather is such a fantastic song. Track 2 on #DemoThatGotTheDealVol5 


Saturday, February 06, 2021

Sunday Feb 7, 2021 #SuperbowlSunday Jim Knable 1:27 am "I'm Not a Bad Guy" from Blue Reunion Mad Painter, Andrae Carter, Dalia Davis Rob Benson

 1:38 am Checked Thames Valley Radio and Good Music Radio on Twitter 

5:16 PM Sunday Feb 7, 2021 Thanks #TiorrChannel3 @DaliaDavisMusic #MyBackPages @RogerMcGuinn #TheByrds #RogerMcGuinn #BobDylan @bobdylan @BobDylanGospel #LowbudgetRecords #TimCasey #MrCurt @mvyradio #BarnesNewberry  

February 6, 2021 Airplay Matty O, Good Music Radio Jim Knable, Pamela Ruby Russell, #GoodMusicRadio #ThamesValleyRadio #OnlyRockRadio #Tiorr_Channel2 #BeyondTheDawn Radio!

 Good Music Radio
The Ballad of a Rock Star
Matty O  8:22 am Saturday 2/6/21

Feb 4, 2021 #MyBackPages @bobdylan Dalia Davis interview @tdawn1 @thebyrds1 @RogerMcGuinn @DaliaDavisMusic @tiorr_2 @RadioRaccoon @whats_radio #BostonRockandRollAnthology21 @WMWMSalem @V2BCO1 #LowBudgetRecords @mvyradio #BarnesNewberry  
Don't Go Chasing Vanity Feb 6, 2021 5:30 pm on #OnlyRockRadio @AndraeCarter @zionrock #SaturdayMotivation

11:21 pm Saturday Feb 6, 2021 #SaturdayThoughts thank you #ThamesValleyRadio I'm Not a Bad Guy by #JimKnableandtheRandyBandits #JimKnable #TheRandyBandits @jim_knable  

Read Jim Knable @jim_knable on BTD Interviews @BeyondDawnRadio @tdawn1 New Dalia Davis interview on site; SLAPBACK coming soon @Slapbackband